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06 May 2022

This week started with great excitement as Year 5 arrived at school complete with suitcases ready for their residential week ahead. It has been good having the daily updates and we will report on their full experience next week.

Although this has been a shorter week, we have been very busy. In our assemblies, we have focused on a number of important topics including World Password Day and the importance of keeping safe online, aiming high and developing resilience.

In our Celebration assembly, we announced the success of our Year 6 girls on the Bikeability enrichment courses which were completed last week.  We were delighted that we have 7 girls who passed the initial stage, 7 passed Level 1 and 39 passed Level 2.  We hope they will continue to enjoy this healthy mode of travel having developed some new skills. Their enrichment this week has included Pop Art workshops and a Drone Day putting their coding skills to the test.

We also celebrated the performances from our Year 3 and 4 girls following the success of the Year 3 and 4 Teatime Concert on Thursday evening, thoroughly enjoyed by parents and guests.  It was good to see the girls performing individually after their ensemble performances in the whole school concert last week.

Key Stage 1 girls have been busy too. After the visit of Perry, the Commonwealth Games mascot, last week Year 2 were delighted to receive another visitor.  They have been learning about the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in History lessons and were thrilled to ask our royal visitor questions about her Coronation Day! They sang the national anthem and curtsied to her.  Also, as part of this year's Platinum Jubilee celebration 2S have created a new wall hanging to mark her majesty's 70th year on the throne.  

Year 1 and 2 girls thoroughly enjoyed their All Stars Cricket Taster session. They applied their ball skills in a variety of fun throwing & catching games. They loved batting and fielding on our astro and many are enthusiastic about taking part in the All Stars Programme at their local club this coming summer.

Next week is the turn of Year 6 for their residential trip which we know they are looking forward to.  Good luck with packing this weekend.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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