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18 October 2019

Our events of last week concluded on Friday morning in assembly with some performance poetry.  Year 5 girls delighted us with their onomatopoeic poems written following their visit to the Land Rover factory.  They had used the sounds and actions of the machines that they had seen producing vehicles as inspiration. The girls worked well together just like the production line procedures and it was amazing how different and creative the poems were, considering they had all visited the same place.

This week began with a visit from Birmingham City Mission in assembly on Monday. We were all reminded about being thankful for what we have which is an important message. Girls are definitely demonstrating this quality with their generous donations of food for our Harvest Assembly next week.  There is still time to donate to our Prep or Westbourne collections.

On Tuesday, several year groups enjoyed extending their knowledge with some additional activities.  Year 4, as part of their RE curriculum, visited our local St George’s Church. Meanwhile, Year 5 girls in History Club were transported back to Aztec times. They have been learning about Aztec Civilisation and enjoyed an Aztec feast this week! The girls ate tortillas, kidney beans, sweetcorn, mushrooms, honey, guacamole, tomatoes and chillies, washed down with hot chocolate and papaya juice. There was even melon for dessert. Although the Aztecs also enjoyed feasting on green iguanas, axolotls and a great variety of insects we decided to give those a miss!

Year 4 also enjoyed a morning of Science experiments on Wednesday working with Year 4 boys from West House School. Each of our year groups will have the chance to take part in a joint activity during the year and we are looking forward to developing these opportunities to meet other pupils.

In Year 1 the girls toured the school looking for different materials as part of their Science topic.  They found many items made of wood, glass, plastic, and metal. They also discovered marble, rubber and leather items.

The experiences of the girls in Reception continue to be developed using a range of resources. Using the new light boxes girls have shown 'independent learning’ by sorting objects in different colours as the boxes changed. The girls made their own 'Pass the Number Parcel' game, which they invented using some Maths resources, and they engaged in model building. Working in pairs to upcycle a fruit basket was also part of the programme.

This week we have enjoyed meeting parents in our first parents’ evenings of the year. Next week we have our special Harvest Assemblies, a STREAM Day in Prep and Diwali Day in Westbourne. We are also looking forward to our half term holiday which begins at the end of school on Wednesday.  This half term has certainly passed quickly with much achieved.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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