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23 June 2023

Recently we celebrated our Diversity Day at school inspired by the book, ‘Sunflower Sisters’.  As part of that day Year 4 girls planted some sunflower seeds which they have been nurturing.  At the end of last week they planted the red and yellow sunflowers on either side of the playground steps.  We are now eager to watch them grow over the coming weeks.

There was not so much time to watch this week however, as it has been another full week in Prep with an event each day to enjoy and much to celebrate.
Year 3 had an exciting start to the week as they headed off to watch some of The Rothesay Classic at Edgbaston Priory Club.  They enjoyed watching the professional players and learning some new skills themselves.

Tuesday brought our Celebration Assembly, a little earlier in the week than usual.  This was because during the weekend two groups of girls represented the school with much success.  Our two ESSA swimming teams travelled to Sheffield for the finals of the relay competition. We were delighted to tell the school that they had finished fourth in the country in the freestyle race and sixth in the medley relay. 

There were congratulations for our Guitar Ensemble and several soloists too, who all achieved winning success at the Leamington Music Festival.  There were huge cheers for all of these girls and you can read more about the events in the separate stories.  We are proud of them all and Robyn Booth who took part in the Revolution Gymnastics Internal Competition.

Tuesday continued to be exciting as Year 6 enjoyed a Drone Day which demanded their coding skills to be put to good use.  Seeing the drones flipping in the air confirmed their excellent computing skills.  Wednesday brought more problem solving opportunities as Years 3 to 6 were required to use their reasoning skills to solve a range of puzzles.

We welcomed Major Mustard back to EHS on Thursday when Year 1 and 2 girls enjoyed the puppet show first and then Year 1 used their practical skills to make a range of puppets.  This was another element to add to their study of toys.

It is hard to believe all of this was achieved in one week with also a celebration in assemblies of both World Music Day and World Giraffe Day.
The week has ended with Sports Day for all and the promise of another busy week ahead.  We look forward to welcoming Year 3 parents for their class assemblies on Monday and Tuesday, Years 5 and 4 parents to their respective swimming galas on Wednesday and Friday and Year 2 parents for our Minibeasts Concert on Thursday.

The girls are looking forward to Wednesday and their Charity Fair and to Friday for the author visit.

Mrs Sally Hartley

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