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16 June 2023

Our week in Prep has been a busy one with practices for Sports Day well under way, and a number of trips and enrichment activities for the girls to enjoy.

Our Celebration Assembly, earlier in the week than usual, included awards for individuals and groups with many congratulations to our sportswomen.  There were Bronze Foil Awards for 11 of our Year 6 fencers, a swimming medal for Anya whose team won the League and a sports day medal for Rehmah from her mosque Sports Day.  Catie was presented with her certificate gained at the Northfield Festival and there was a Headteacher’s certificate for Bonnie who won a book for the school and for herself in a local library competition.

In addition to awarding our Year 1 and 2 Well Done certificates we also recognised some other individual endeavours. A selection of the girls in Year 6 shared their Independent Learning projects with us.  It was impressive to see the wide variety of topics chosen and the creative presentations. They had clearly enjoyed the research element of the work.  Then Yasmin showed us a photograph of her adventure swimming with dolphins. What a great experience!

As it has been national Healthy Eating Week there were a number of assemblies dedicated to this important topic. The girls were very knowledgeable on eating a balanced diet and the need for exercise to keep healthy and considered limited chocolate for everyone this weekend!

Enrichment activities have included a trip to Lower Smite Farm for Year 3, the Summer Concert with opportunities for girls from Years 1 to 6 to showcase their ensemble playing and a lesson in dog agility for Year 6.  

Mrs Aston happily shared information about this specialist activity of dog agility.  The girls learned about training dogs for agility shows and what competing involves. They then went outside and watched Mrs Aston perform some agility routines.  The girls had a really enjoyable afternoon which culminated in meeting Mrs Aston's dogs, Willow and Parker.

Our week finished with an assembly for parents, presented very confidently by 1A.  The chosen theme was Father’s Day. The girls shared some of their Dads’ favourite hobbies, foods and work and then performed the story of Peace at Last!  All Dads left with a special picture and we hope they are well spoilt on Sunday.

As we look forward to the weekend we wish, Cora, Anya, Amelia, Sophie, Annabel and Izzy, the girls representing Prep in the finals of the English Schools Swimming Association (ESSA) the very best of luck as they compete in Sheffield.  A huge well done on qualifying for this countrywide event. 

Mrs Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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