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06 July 2018

Having worked very hard in preparation for their ESB examinations the girls in Year 4 were delighted to present their work to their parents last week.  Each girl performed either their poem, a prepared reading or their individual presentation on a topic of interest to them. The girls all enjoyed performing and we are now eagerly awaiting the results. After their performances the girls and parents headed to Senior School to meet the Leadership Team before embarking on an Open Evening Tour.

On Friday morning class 6H transported us to Ancient Greece for their last assembly performance in the Prep School.  They shared many details of the Greek Gods and Goddesses they had learned about in their History lessons.  They also acted out the story of the capture of Medusa’s head.
At the start of this week we welcomed all new girls and their parents for Changeover morning.  Everyone in school was able to spend some time in their new classroom with their new teacher and class mates.

Then on Tuesday we were invaded by Vikings as the girls in Year 3 enjoyed learning more about life in Viking times and you can read more of their adventures in the separate story.

Whilst Year 3 girls were busy fighting battles girls from Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 had the opportunity to find out more about the work of Guide Dogs.  The girls enjoyed a sunny meet-and-greet with working Guide Dogs, dogs in training and breeding dogs.  Everyone was keen to give the dogs some fuss and to ask questions of their owners and trainers.  The girls discovered how truly life-changing a Guide Dog can be for someone who is blind. 

On Wednesday Year 3 were busy, once again as they enjoyed their Monet Day.  They spent the day painting and creating a Monet Masterpiece.  This exciting and challenging activity took place in our Art Studio.

After school our gymnasts demonstrated the work they have been doing at a Showcase Display Evening.  The audience was able to see the warm up activities that take place before each session and then each girl’s individual routine.  Our Senior Gym Squad members also completed their floor routines being prepared to music.  The evening finished with a routine from Molly, our last year’s Prep Gym Captain and a group display from the Senior School gymnasts. The evening was hosted and compered by Zahirah and Rhea who did a very good job.  Well done to Mrs Collins and Miss Jacks too.

We look forward to welcoming our Year 2 parents to the Minibeasts concert on Thursday and our Year 6 parents to the Leavers’ Assembly on Friday.  Next week we are looking forward to the whole school picnic and Year 6 swimming gala and to breaking up for the summer holiday on Tuesday at 11.30 am for Westbourne and 12.00 for Prep.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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