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Outdoor Cinema treat for Year 12

06 July 2018

On the evening of Wednesday 27 June, girls in Year 12 were treated to a magical outdoor cinema night in Prep playground. There was a plethora of food choices from chilli to pizza; candy floss to potato wedges. All to fuel the long night ahead.

Ironically they watched Mean Girls (which obviously no one could relate to) and wore pink, inspired by the iconic line ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’. Magically, the pink hue coming from the girls was paired with the glowing pink sunset on the horizon, which made the night even more special. 

After the stresses of AS exams and mocks, this evening was a perfect release of stress and a fitting farewell to the 20 girls who were to embark on World Challenge a few days later. It was an incredible experience enjoyed by the entire year and a chance to make memories that will be shared forever. All girls agreed that they would do it again and appreciated the effort taken to put the event together from Mrs Ehiogu and all other staff who contributed to the evening.

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