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A Hive of Activity at Spelling Bee

Senior School

23 February 2024

There was no let-up of pace for Year 7 as they gathered in the Octagon to take part in our annual Spelling Bee. 

The dynamic Mr Skilbeck took to the mic’ as he quizzed his ‘buzzing’ competitors. In Houses, the girls were asked a series of quick fire spellings on Science, Music and Languages, Art and Technology, Classics and Humanities. They were also asked to define a plethora of words, such as ‘sublimation’, ‘nominative’ and ‘carbohydrate’.   

The atmosphere was tense as representatives from each of the Houses fought hard to win the coveted Spelling Bee Cup! The final round ensured that St Francis held onto the cup for another Year - congratulations St Francis!

Ms Jones-Owen 

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