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12 May 2023

We are pleased to have Year 5 girls back in school after their residential trip away at Cranedale which they seem to have really enjoyed.  We have also enjoyed talking to the girls about their Coronation memories including the school picnic which we held last Friday.

Year 6 girls have enjoyed the second week of their Enrichment programme which has involved further Bikeability sessions.  We are proud of all girls who achieved success with 46 girls receiving a Level 2 award.  The girls have also put their finishing touches to their Dragon’s Den presentations.  This has been a collaborative project with the girls working in small groups to design a product, work out a marketing strategy and then create an advert all with the intention of persuading ‘The Dragons’ to invest money in their companies.  The girls have many other activities to look forward to in the coming weeks after they return from their residential week.

Other girls have been working hard preparing for their assessments whilst being busy in PE lessons preparing for Sports Day due to take place on Friday 23 June.  Cricket Club, introduced for the Summer Term for Years 3 – 6 is also proving very popular.

After completing craft work linked to the Coronation, Art lessons are following the planned curriculum once again and Year 2 are particularly pleased with the clay fish they have created.  They have clearly worked hard on using this material and have finished work to proud of.

Our assemblies this week have focused on individual subjects linked with taking care of others.  We covered the launch of our Challenge Board on the subject of chocolate with a study of the local Cadbury family who have an important link with EHS.  They were employers who felt the welfare of their employees was of great importance.  With the younger girls taking care of friends and our friendships was a focus and we also marked International Nurses Day.  We are proud that Nightingale is one of our Prep School houses.

There was also much to celebrate in our final assembly of the week.  In addition to Year 6 cyclists we congratulated girls who have received individual awards.  These included a group of gymnasts who took part in a Coronation Gymnastics Competition.  Well done to Ammarah Awan, Zoe Dias, Anna Sharif, Bethan Twinning, Isha Tanda and Yasmin Suliman on their outstanding performances.  There was a well done too, for Holly Robinson who has achieved her Level 5 award.  Our runners were congratulated on taking part in the Great Birmingham Mini Run which you can read more about in the separate article.

There were individual congratulations for Ayla Hasmi for receiving her 1000m swimming badge and to two of our young musicians.  Davica Roles has achieved her Grade 5 Music Theory and Jessica Hung her Grade 4.  We are extremely proud of Amaris Hayer too.  She took part in a competition, the first one in the UK for Under 18s singing and dancing, Indian Dance.  Amaris came first with her vibrant and energetic performance which was full of character.  Our first Independent Learning certificates for this term’s Chocolate Challenge Board were awarded to Supreeta Kalsi Jogi, Zeenia Khan and Eliza Smith.  We are hoping this very popular subject will prompt many girls to enter a piece of work.

After a busy week we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday with a very early start for Year 6 girls.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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