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30 November 2018

Last Thursday, 40 A Level Mathematics students attended the Maths Inspiration day, a national programme of interactive Maths lectures to inspire students to continue Maths to a higher level at university. 

We were privileged enough to hear some of the UK's most inspiring Maths lecturers live, including Rob Eastaway, Colin Wright and Aoife Hunt. The speakers presented Maths in new and exciting, real-world situations, which enlightened us to consider a variety of careers. The talks were followed by a thought-provoking Q&A session, where we were able to gain further insight into the lives of the mathematicians. The day not only highlighted the stimulating nature of Maths and the relevant jobs but it also acted as a reminder of why Maths is such a phenomenal subject and how it is relevant for almost every aspect of working life. 

Many of us found it to be a memorable experience and we were very grateful to all of the enthusiastic speakers. After the event we were able to enjoy lunch in town followed by a nice trip to the German Market as it had just opened that morning! 

Many thanks to the Maths department for organising the trip, and we look forward to the event again next year!

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