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New addition to Senior School Uniform announced on 1 April

05 April 2019

In assembly on Monday 1 April, the Headmistress discussed the findings of some recent research regarding the link between academic achievement and brain temperature e.g. the evidence that a warm brain leads to greater academic prowess. 
A presentation on the research included examples of famous hat-wearing high achievers and the results of a trial in school with Mr Dukes, Head of Art, which showed that since wearing his beanie hat he had not lost his car keys, something that had been a frequent occurrence beforehand! 
We were delighted to announce that from the start of the Summer Term a navy beanie hat would become part of the school uniform and that at afternoon registration all girls would have their heads measured so that said hats could be ordered over the holidays. 

The assembly ended with wishing everyone a happy First Day in April!


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