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Mock Trial team experience Barrister life

31 January 2020

Last weekend, pupils from Years 12 and 13 took part in the Independent Schools Mock Trials Competition at Birmingham Crown Court. 

Throughout the day girls participated in a number of mock trial scenarios when competitors were required to either cross-examine, or play the role of a witness before a judge inside a courtroom. The roles of barristers and witnesses were played out by competing teams from each participating school. 

The girls worked extremely hard and won two out of their three cases. The judges were also extremely complimentary, especially to our barristers, and they narrowly missed out on a final place. 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained valuable insights into court procedure and the day-to-day professional life of a barrister. Well done to Zahra, Lucy, Yi, Saihaj, Imogen C Hermione, Fareedat, Ishnia, Zoe, Mia, Myra, Gurpreet, Persia, Davina and Imogen S!


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