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Senior School

02 March 2018

Don't know what to read next? Stuck reading the same books over and over? Want a suggestion you can trust? These top picks will include books from all genres, new or old and are hand-picked by the librarian to pique your interest. The best bit is they are all available in the school library.

The Woman in the Window – by A.J Finn – suitable for Year 9+

‘The Woman in the Window’ is by all accounts the next ‘Girl on a Train’ or ‘Gone Girl’. A suspenseful thriller this book opens slowly, introducing us to Dr Anna Fox, a child psychologist who struggles with agoraphobia. A desperately miserable character, she mixes heavy drinking with some heavy duty prescription medication on a daily basis, passing the days spying on her neighbours, taking photographs and taking notes. Then one day she witnesses a murder, or did she? A brilliant book for anyone who loves a thriller!

Fergus Crane – by Paul Stewart – suitable for all ages

‘Fergus Crane’ is one of three ‘Far Flung Adventures’ where crazy and unexpected things happen. Fergus attends school on a ship called Betty Jeanne, where the lessons are odd to say the least. But when a flying box hurtles through his bedroom window one night carrying the message “FERGUS CRANE! YOU ARE IN GREAT DANGER! I AM SENDING HELP”, an adventure is inevitable! Full of penguins, pirates, inventions and bravery this book is as ridiculous as it is readable!

This is Going to Hurt – by Adam Kay – suitable for Year 9+

‘This is Going to Hurt’ lets you into the life of a junior doctor from the point of view of someone who was one! Adam Kay tells of 97-hour weeks as he trudged through the life and death decisions and tried to avoid the mass of bodily fluids heading his way. This book is hilarious, but mixed with all the funny anecdotes are real revelations, horrifying details and heart-breaking outcomes. A must-read that will stay with you long after you finish.

She is not Invisible – by Marcus Sedgewick – suitable for all ages

‘She is not Invisible’ is a mystery, opening with the line ‘One final time I told myself I wasn’t abducting my little brother’. Laureth chases after the truth when her father’s notebook turns up in New York when he’s supposed to be in Austria. Taking her little brother Benjamin along for the ride, who breaks anything electronic as soon he touches it, they are up against it from the beginning. With plot twists and turns, this book is hard to predict!

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