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Iram and Safa raise £3000 for The Halimah Trust

12 June 2020

Mrs Macro enjoyed her excellence book meeting with Year 11 students, Iram Hamid and Safa Chishti, in which she learned of their superb fundraising efforts in aid of The Halimah Trust.

Iram first heard of the Trust when she was at a charity dinner with her family, and was deeply touched by the tragic story of Halimah, a university student who was shockingly murdered, aged just 19. From a young age, Halimah had campaigned for a variety of causes and her ambition was to work at the United Nations as an ambassador to developing countries.  

That evening, Iram pledged to raise at least £1000 for the Trust to help them build a girls' school in Pakistan, to give orphaned and disadvantaged students an education.  Iram was soon joined by Safa, and together they organised samosa and cake sales at Parents Evenings, along with various other events within school.  The girls eventually raised almost £3000 – a truly momentous achievement!

Iram and Safa should feel extremely proud that their efforts have helped other girls to further their education and have provided them with the best start in life.

For more details about the work of The Halima Trust, please click the link:

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