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Into the Dragon's Den


09 July 2021

As part of this year’s enrichment program the Year 6 girls spent an afternoon working on a ‘Dragons’ Den’ themed project.

Having watched a clip from the children’s version of the series, the girls worked in groups of three and four to come up with an idea for a new item, designed to fill a gap in the market.  Some took inspiration from fashion, some from the idea of wellbeing and others from an ecological perspective.
In just one afternoon they formed a company name, came up with an idea, drew and labelled their design brief, decided on a ‘catchy’ product title and then filmed their pitch to the Dragons!  This was a big challenge in a short space of time but the girls were equal to it.

The EHS Dragons then judged the pitches! Mrs Hartley, Miss Robinson and Mrs Aston - the Dragons - made the difficult decision of deciding where the ‘virtual’ investments would be placed.

The main investment went to the Pet Pathway team.  Their design was chosen because of the choice of product and the professional effort put into the video pitch.  Their product was a portable, inflatable animal obstacle course, made of strengthened material and designed to keep pets entertained for hours.  This was designed by Hilde, Sarah, Anna and Aurelia.

The Dragons also made two secondary investments. One of these went to Yoges. They chose well being for their product.  They designed a yoga mat to encourage people to be fit and active whilst taking part in a calming activity for the mind. The mat designed by Scarlett, Bella and Ellie tracked the heart rate and planned appropriate exercise plans.

The third product winning an investment was the Hey Jeffrey. The team of Sophia, Hannah, Polly and Kubra designed a product aimed to make walking easier for someone who is blind.  Their roller ball guided walking stick was voice activated and would certainly have an impact on people’s lives.
Well done to all Year 6 teams who created some very innovative designs. Entrepreneurs in the making! 

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