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Girls celebrate inspirational women

13 July 2018

On Monday 9 July, EHS held its first Inspirational Women Day to celebrate the achievements of female pioneers from all walks of life, all over the globe.

Year 12 students took the lead with this new initiative, having been given responsibility to plan a series of workshops and activities for pupils in Year 6. The day began with an inspiring assembly from Year 12 students Elyanna Choi and Natasha Rana, who talked passionately about the women in their lives who had inspired them. 

Year 6 girls were excited to begin the workshops that followed, which involved creating posters about inspirational women - from Oprah to Marie Curie - and their many achievements. Pupils participated in a drama workshop where they considered the traits they believe inspirational people should be in possession of, amongst them resilience, hard work, successes and failures. They then went on to create a fictional inspirational woman.

Year 6 girls worked collaboratively with Year 12 students to create a fantastic display which was enjoyed by all at the annual Whole School picnic later that day.

A display banner featuring the colours of the suffragette movement was central to the day’s theme and all girls had an opportunity to annotate it with the names of women who were their own personal inspiration. 

Speaking to the Year 12 students after the event they said that it had been a privilege to work with the Year 6 girls and that they had themselves been inspired by their ideas and hard work during the workshop!

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