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Inside our Discovery Den

28 January 2022

In the lead up to the Big Garden Bird Watch, our new Discovery Den has provided the children in Westbourne with the opportunity to explore more about birds.

They have been able to find out more about birds they might see in their gardens and how to identify them. There were also many facts to investigate about exotic, colourful birds from other countries and a library of books to read. These included fiction and non-fiction and the Library Corner made a comfortable place to enjoy learning more.

Birds that cannot fly provided a further area to explore and the girls enjoyed looking at different types of penguins, emus, ostriches and cassowaries.

After finding out more about birds’ beaks, the girls’ physical skills were tested when they tried to collect worms and grubs from the ground. How many do you think they caught?

As a final activity, the girls were encouraged to design their own species of bird, one they would like to see in their garden.

We do hope they are inspired to spend some time bird watching this weekend along with thousands of other people in the country.


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