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17 January 2020

At lunchtime each Monday I will be setting aside half an hour to do not very much. That might seem a little odd for the headmistress of a school to admit, especially when there is so much to do and we encourage the girls to maximise every opportunity, go to multiple clubs in a week or seek the fantastic support that is on offer if they need a bit of extra help with their understanding of a topic. However, sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable and positively beneficial to stop and be quiet for a little while. In our fast-paced lives to take half an hour for ourselves is becoming more and more critical.  So, having been introduced to ‘Zentangling’ by my daughter over the holiday period, I have invited any student (and member of staff) in the senior school to join me in participating in the art of Zentangle on Monday lunchtimes. In half an hour you can create something that is very satisfying and totally absorbs you. It is incredibly relaxing, and once finished you feel refreshed and energised. 

Zentangling is one way to give a boost to my day, but I have enjoyed many moments this week that have been just as good at putting a spring in my step. On Wednesday, I listened to two of our Sixth Form scholars, Lucy and Freya, give a fascinating assembly on how dancers and artists inspire each other or collaborate to push their creative boundaries and produce works with a unique style. To hear their passion for dance and art was inspiring and the works that they introduced all of us to were beautiful, emotional and, at times, surprising. They showed us two visually impressive pieces of work that had impressed them and if you have the time, please do watch the clips that they showed us, one from the America dance film, Step up Revolution, click here, and the other from the beautiful short animation directed by Ryan Woodward called ‘Thought of You’ click here .

Thursday was the turn of a group of prep students to inspire; the Year 5 history club entertained and educated us on the Aztec culture. They were articulate and delivered their lines with enthusiasm. The staff and pupils in the assembly enjoyed hearing about some of the more gruesome aspects of Aztec life as well as the fact that the Aztecs were a very creative civilisation. What I admired most about the girls who were presenting was their obvious interest in history and their desire to showcase what they had learned; their confidence was impressive. History was a bit of a theme on Thursday as two groups of Year 9 girls came to show me their WW1 history projects. They had immersed themselves in learning about the life of women during the First World War and had presented what they had gleaned in the form of video news reports. Again, what struck me the most was the fun the girls had experienced in their learning journey and that the end product was entertaining, as well as informative. 

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to be with the girls when they are presenting with such life and energy, but I am also looking forward to spending ‘quiet’ time with some of them on Mondays.

Mrs Clare Macro

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