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Fashion event showcases Design Technology

03 May 2019

On Thursday 25 April, the Hexagon was once again transformed into a sophisticated and elegant exhibition space, celebrating and showcasing our student’s Design Technology: Textiles work.

The skilled work and creativity that our girls are capable of was clearly evident throughout the key stages, from pyjama construction in Year 7 to the truly stunning bespoke pieces designed and crafted by our A2 students. Our girls are highly committed to their work to be able to achieve such fantastic outcomes! The creative displays were most impressive and the atmosphere was truly professional and inspiring. 

In Year 7, the girls begin to follow the design process as well as learn how to use the sewing machines, fathoming basic construction methods and understanding how a flat pattern piece results in a 3D garment that fits; resulting in a pretty pair of cotton pyjamas.

The Year 8 pupils have been researching into the lives of two iconic fashion designers, Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood. Together, with using inspiration from the 1960’s and 1970’s, they created a CAD print that reflected one of these eras. Their designs were varied and innovative, reflecting both cultural and historical issues from these decades. Each cushion beautifully reflected the personality and preferences of its designer.

As technology advances, CAD/CAM is invariably used in all areas of the Textiles Industry. Year 9 pupils were charged to create their own nature-inspired design in the form of a motif. After developing their idea using 2D Design software, they created a range of highly individual bags with laser cut handles; their fabric manipulation techniques were also highly innovative. The range of original and contemporary bags was quite simply amazing.  

A highlight of the exhibition was the knowledge, skill and confidence our year 10 students had used to produce a range of accurately constructed denim jackets. Each student had designed and embellished their own yoke to create a unique bespoke piece. We look forward to seeing their NEA pieces next year.

Our Textiles students at GCSE and A Level have, as ever, excelled in producing a wide range of products to a high standard. This year we displayed Year 12 ‘work in progress’ Calico toiles, providing a fascinating insight into how A Level garments are developed. Many different sources of inspiration have been employed, and visitors were able to see these in their coursework folders and sketch books. We know many of you enjoyed seeing the techniques used in the detailed finishes and embellishments in an ‘up close and personal’ format on the final pieces.

The Year 10 Food Nutrition students designed, made and served a range of beautifully garnished and quite delicious canapés, served of course with a glass of Prosecco. Musically, the afternoon exhibition opened with a number of stunning solo performances from singers in Years 7, 8 and 12, followed by our ‘resident’ harpist, Shanya Kulatunge. A big thank you to Mrs Jarvis for her organisation and support and Mrs Howell for accompanying the girls on the piano.

As ever, many groups of people within EHS had contributed to the huge success of this year’s event. The Food & D&T:Textiles Department would therefore like to thank the Bursary for selling the tickets, the caretaker and site team for all the prompt setting up. Mr Berman’s technical support, Mr Dukes' photography and Maya Ranawickrema, from our student tech team, who managed the music in the exhibition space. 

Finally, as a very proud Head of Department, the biggest and most heartfelt thank you must go to the Department team. Mrs Mooney for her truly innovative planning of the new GCSE and A level courses and tireless teaching, alongside the talented support of Miss Murray. Mrs Coley for instilling enthusiasm and creativity throughout KS3, to Mrs Harris whose creative vision alongside her no nonsense phenomenal organisation made it all possible. Mr Savory for his input into the Year 9 curriculum application of CAD CAM and for staffing the very busy 3D printer stand. Mrs Roberts for supporting the Food students in the presentation and serving of the canapés and drinks. Finally of course, to the D&T:Textile students, for their skill, passion and enthusiasm. 

The department has yet again set a challenge for next year: to improve upon what was a truly outstanding and stylish evening. We do know, however, that the work of our talented Textiles students will lead the way. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Syer
Head of Food & Nutrition and D&T:Textiles



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