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English students study the Gothic genre

05 October 2018

On Tuesday 2 October, Mrs Smith and Ms Harrison accompanied 18 Sixth Form English Literature students to the cinema to watch an evening showing of ‘The Little Stranger'.

Based on the Gothic novel by Sarah Waters, the story follows the fortunes of a family in post war Warwickshire and the decline of the house they live in. Full of Gothic tropes such as an isolated mansion, mysterious events and psychological drama, the adaptation of the 2009 novel provided one or two jumpy moments!
Students in Years 12 and 13 have been exploring the Gothic genre as part of their A Level English Literature course.  As part of their studies, they have to look broadly at the Gothic genre in preparation for an exam which requires students to read widely and show independent ideas about their extra reading.  

The story of ‘The Little Stranger’ is told from the perspective of Dr Faraday who finds himself treating a former RAF pilot, Rod Ayres, who has been badly injured in combat. During his visits to Rod, Dr Faraday strikes up a friendship with Rod’s sister, Caroline, and also reveals his own past links to Hundreds Hall - the dilapidated mansion where the Ayres family live.

Staff and students very much enjoyed the cinema visit with the ambiguous ending being a big talking point at the end of the film.

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