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Discovering Chocolate!


28 April 2023

Chocolate is always a favourite topic and the girls in Westbourne were very excited to learn that The Discovery Den in Westbourne has been transformed into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for the week!  

Girls learnt how chocolate is made and which beans are used in the process. There were many activities available to discover more about the processes. These included - making hot chocolate drinks using sand and cotton wool balls (for the marshmallows); matching new and old design chocolate bars; designing new chocolate wrappers and even dressing up as a 'golden ticket' or the famous 'Willy Wonka'.  

During the learning session, girls hunted for five 'Golden Tickets' which had been hidden around the room.  As part of their Personal, Social and Emotional Development, girls were able to show resilience and perseverance by accepting graciously if they had not won a ticket.   

The most exciting activity by far, was using the chocolate-smelling playdough to fill the chocolate boxes! 

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