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Textiles at the cutting edge of design technology

01 December 2017

The Design and Technology GCSE and A-Level qualifications have undertaken quite a radical transformation as the new 9-1 GCSE reforms have been developed.

Although still heavily Textiles based, the Year 10 girls are getting to grips with working with a range of materials which will include wood, metals, plastic and electronics. Due to these changes, one of the Textiles rooms has had a major refurbishment and now boasts a range of modern computerised equipment including a state-of-the-art laser cutter and several 3D printers. Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to some of the new equipment in the department through some of the work the girls have created.

Three pupils, Aisha Ali, Vismard Kaur and Fiona Mellor, share their thoughts: “For the past two weeks the Year 10 Textiles GCSE groups have been learning how to create 2D designs for bespoke notepad covers using a laser cutter. We were given a design brief to create a notepad cover for the company Paperchase. The brief stated that we must include a repeated pattern.

Our target market was teenagers aged 13-19. We were given instructions on how to plan out our design and how to transfer it to the computer. Using the application 2D design we drew out the image of our choice to fulfil the design brief. However, if the drawing was too complex for the application to do, we were able to hand draw it and then it was scan it into the application.

We were given the option to either have the laser cutter engrave the design for us or cut through it completely. Finally, our designs came to life on denim. We look forward to developing our skills using the laser cutter over the next two years.”

Mrs Mooney

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