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Year 4's Culmington Manor Adventure

16 March 2018

Year 4 girls recently enjoyed their first residential trip to the beautiful Culmington Manor in Shropshire. They left school on Wednesday lunchtime and arrived with eager anticipation. After settling into their dormitories and a site tour, they began their first adventure.

The afternoon’s activities included team-building games, initiative exercises and a scavenger hunt. This was followed by a hearty dinner and hot chocolate before bedtime.

The following day we all travelled to the picturesque Carding Mill Valley for our challenging hill walk. This allowed the girls to experience the open countryside and we were all pleased to be treated kindly by the weather.

Wet and muddy activities followed in the afternoon! The maze and obstacle course gave the girls the opportunity to really challenge themselves and move outside of their comfort zone in many cases.

Friday morning was a beautiful Spring day and our final morning at Culmington. The girls demonstrated great courage when tackling the tough high ropes course and they certainly did EHS proud.

After completing the range of physical activities many girls slept on the journey back to school, but everyone had enjoyed the experience and created many memories that will last a lifetime!

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