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Classicists visit Roman town of Bath

09 November 2018

On Wednesday 24 October, GCSE Latin and Classical Civilisation pupils went on an adventure to Bath with the Classics Department.

The girls started the day with a workshop on Bathing and Beauty. The girls learnt about what the Romans would do in the baths and evaluated if they themselves would like to take part in the bathing ritual. After finding out about the Romans’ distinct lack of hygienic practices, the majority of the girls quickly declined! The girls were also taught about Roman beauty rituals and handled some real Roman jewellery found on the site. They were intrigued by what the women put on their faces and, much like the bathing process, decided they preferred modern to ancient products. 

After the workshop the girls toured the museum and saw the Roman baths for themselves. They were taken aback by the heat coming from the natural springs and inspired by the beautiful collection of artefacts the museum had to offer. Some of them were even brave enough to drink the spring water at the end of the tour. The girls have come back from the trip with a fresh enthusiasm for the Roman baths and we are delighted that a good time was had by all. We are already looking forward to our next day out to the baths in 2020! 


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