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Bethany's Young Professionals Work Experience

08 July 2020

My name is Bethany Pomell, I am currently in Year 11 and I am 16 years of age. I took part in a virtual work experience that was organised by Dan Miller from the 22nd to 26th June. Dan Miller is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Young Professionals which is an organisation designed to enable and indeed empower help young people to find valuable apprenticeship or work experience schemes. Dan, 22, started his business at the tender age of 16. Dan took the unconventional route by dropping out of school to pursue his dream of running his own business, which by all accounts is regarded as a successful one. Well done, Dan.

During the week we had talks from some of the world’s biggest companies including IBM, the NHS and Rolls Royce. Throughout the week we learnt many key employability skills through each of the webinars attended such as resilience, the ability to work in a team and integrity etc. We also had the opportunity to ask questions to those who presented the webinars. The questions were far reaching from how to develop the company brand to more human stories such as the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent world-wide Black Lives Matters movement.

We were also taught about the importance conducting yourself properly in an interview, how best to write and structure any written materials one submits, including, email, letters and CV etc.

Finally, over 2,000 people including myself took part in this rewarding week of work experience.

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