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Art Historians visit Barber Institute

31 January 2020

Year 5 girls were given a wonderful tour of the Barber Institute last week as an introduction to their next Art topic on Portraits. 

Tara told them all about Lady Barber and then they moved onto the gallery. The girls discovered how colours had been made 700 hundred years ago, with some rather unsavoury ways of making red and yellow! They next looked at expressions and became portrait detectives.  t was amazing how much they could actually discover from the clues in the paintings. 

The morning concluded with a workshop in the studio. The first group used their knowledge of expressions and how our faces move and contort to print a design that they had scored onto polystyrene. 

The second group looked at tone and shade, sketching an eye in great detail. A very busy morning! 

Everyone is looking forward to progressing their drawing skills further in the coming weeks to produce a final self-portrait. Hopefully the results will be on display very soon!


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