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09 June 2023

Westbourne have had a wonderful visit from Animals in Hands this week. This gave Reception children a deeper insight into some more unusual animals and Kindergarten and Nursery girls enjoyed the experience of being able to touch, stroke and hold the animals. 

Junior, the owlet, was a definite favourite. Junior was only five weeks old! In just one more week, he will have his adult feathers and wings! We learnt that he needs a lot of care and attention during the night time when he is wide-awake.

Some girls were brave enough to allow Zarah the python to sit around their shoulders and others enjoyed balancing a tarantula on their head! Even some of the staff were brave enough to have a turn.  

Girls also met Gemma the chinchilla and her two babies Oscar and Anthony. Their fur was extremely soft, and they received a lot of attention.

There were other animals too, including Tiny, a lesser Madagascar tenrec who lives in a coconut shell,  Steve and Vicky the stick insects, a tortoise and a chameleon just to name a few! 

We now look forward to sharing more about these animals back in the classrooms over the next few weeks.

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