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Accolades for EHS allotment

06 September 2019

Whilst the school may have been closed during the summer holidays, it was a busy time down at the EHS allotment. 

Firstly the allotment played host to the 'Pickle Project' with several teams of people visiting the allotment. They left with new-found knowledge of plants and produce they had harvested ready to create a new product. They eventually made a delicious rhubarb, apple and rosemary chutney.

Then on August 18, The Guinea Gardens held their annual show and the EHS allotment entered in several categories.

A very successful day was had and we are delighted to report wins across nearly all categories. There were first prizes for the best five vegetables, carrots and beetroot and we were the proud owners of the longest runner bean! We also won the Society Cup for the most prizes awarded. 

Our thanks to all the girls in Year 6 who have been involved with Gardening Club and for all their efforts in making it as successful as it is. Many thanks as always to all our parent helpers at the allotment, who we could not do without and, of course, a huge thank you to Sabrina, without whom none of this would have been possible. 

Here’s to another successful year at the allotment in 2019-20!


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