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A Fond Farewell to Year 13

Sixth Form

10 May 2024

‘Ambitious’, ‘motivated’, ‘kind’ are just some of the words used to describe Year 13. During their time at EHS, they have fully embraced everything that the school has offered them. From sports, to music, to school productions, every opportunity taken has nurtured them into strong, independent and confident young people ready for their next steps beyond Edgbaston High School.  

As they prepare to step into the next chapter, we've had the pleasure of sharing their final week, filled with celebration and reflection. Their leavers assembly was outstanding, both heartfelt and humorous, and truly inspiring.  It may have provoked a few tears, but there was also plenty of laughter too. Poet Laureate Jaimie recited a touching poem written specially for the students and you can read this below.

Wednesday afternoon gave Year 13 the chance to relax down at the field, enjoying ice cream and the glorious sunshine. Friday morning saw Year 13 and staff come together for their leavers breakfast, and what a treat it was! Mrs Parsons and Mrs Smith handed out prizes based on their personal, memorable highlights of the last year with this incredible group of students. Year 13 have also enjoyed dressing in a different theme each day this week – from ‘something beginning with the first letter of their names’ to ‘icons’ to ‘what they wanted to be when they were younger’. Of course, no Year 13 send-off would be complete without a final appearance in their old school uniforms!

It’s been a week to remember and we wish Year 13 all the luck with their forthcoming A Level examinations.  

Mrs Parsons, Head of Year 13


Dear the Class of 24 - by Jaimie

Dear the Class of 24
This poem is long overdue 
Thank you for the gossip, the drama and the laughs 
Thank you for the history, the English and the maths
Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you better 
We’re all of us a team now, each others own abetter.

Dear the Class of 24
My how loud you roared,
Achievements in the sciences, arts and of course - sports.
A shout out to our swimming pro 
Winning countless medals
And to the top tier cheerers at staff v sixth form netball 
our win is secured and settled

Dear the Class of 24
Oh how much we’ve grown
From Kingswood mud to DofE bugs
And now we face the unknown
EHS blood runs through us as we stand side by side
No more Sutton bus running late 
Now we must decide

Dear the Class of 24
Your future is far from bleak
Watching from Year 7 from hour to day to week
I’ve seen you all grow stronger,
Your courage and your pride
I’ve watched as you’ve matured- ish
We’ve sang, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried

Dear the Class of 24,
You’ve learnt now to be savvy
From breaking plates to sharing cakes
I guess you’re not so shabby
The days are getting closer now,
Our future calls and waits
The sun shines through the clouds now
We’re in charge of our own fates

It’s time for me to sign off,
It’s long past dark and rainy
Your friend, your poet,
Your lover of words,
Thank you and goodbye
From Jaimie


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