Pupil Login

RM Portico is replacing RM Easylink as the method to give staff and pupils remote access to files. Both staff and pupils can access their 'My Documents' folder and their relevant shared areas on a wide range of internet browsers and operating systems.

How to access the network drives

RM PORTICO (Staff Learning Resources and Network) - https://portico.edgbastonhigh.co.uk

RM UNIFY is the school's single sign-on system. You may access the Library for ECLIPSE software and e-books on Overdrive via - https://edgbastonhigh.rmunify.com

In addition, accessing the library for the Library Catalogue and Library Accounts: Library ECLIPSE - http://u000189.microlibrarian.net/

CC4 Anywhere enables you to access your CC4 network from almost any device with internet access from anywhere. You can access the CC4 anywhere desktop which will provide you with access to applications and your files in the same way that you would access them from a CC4 computer in school: https://cc4anywhere.edgbastonhigh.co.uk

Still need help? Download the 'CC4 How to' information document

Please contact Afzan Matloob, Network Manager, on 0121 454 5831 or email matlooba@edgbastonhigh.co.uk