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Your invitation to Distance Dine!

29 May 2020

Dear Old Girls

On Friday 19 June, it was to have been our Summer Supper and AGM. As neither can be held in the normal way, this is to let you know the alternatives on which we all wholeheartedly agreed.


The Chair's annual report is read out to the members in attendance and financial summary read out. To protect the Association, we would ask any member wanting to know the financial record requests that of us rather than sending it as a public email.

A procedural issue needs to be addressed this year as well: the role of Chair is usually a three-year commitment where the roles of Secretary and Treasurer are one-year commitments. All three roles are held by permanent members of the Committee, and Secretary and Treasurer are asked if they'd be prepared to continue for a further year. That will take place at the committee meeting on Thursday 4 June. 

The role of Chair, however, is a different animal: at this time, there is no one else on the committee who is able to step forward for the three-year commitment. To ensure that the work of the committee can continue, the Constitution allows the Chair to remain in post for a further one-year commitment, which is reviewed annually until someone else is able to take on the position. It was proposed and seconded that I should continue for a further year, and according to our rules, 15 members must ratify that decision. To this end, there is a form attached that we ask you to complete, ratifying the decision, so that our work can continue for a further year. It is very simple and will take less than a minute to complete and click! Please do so by the deadline of Tuesday 30 June. Thank you in advance for doing this. The Annual Report will be emailed separately in the next few weeks.

Click here to complete the AGM FORM 

The Annual Report will be emailed separately in the next few weeks.

The Summer Supper

As we can't meet together, we wondered if you'd like to engage in our alternative, 'Distance Dining' initiative; the suggestion is that you arrange a zoom call with your friends from EHS over a glass of your favourite tipple, or maybe afternoon tea or even a supper sometime between Friday 19th and Sunday 21st June. Below is a screen-grab of our recent committee meeting which we'd encourage you to replicate, sending in the photos of the online reunion (or socially distanced reunion, depending on where you all live!) plus a list of those who joined you. 

We may not be able to meet for real this year, but we won't let that stop us eating and drinking together online or in each others' gardens, as the government guidelines for that weekend dictate.

We wish you much happy Distance Dining together, and look forward to photos and possible accounts of your summer reunions!

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