Welcome from the Chair of the OGA

Welcome to the Old Girls' Association section of the website.

My name is Lindsay and I began my role as your Chair of the EHS OGA in June 2017. I was a pupil at EHS, starting in Year 6 (Lower Thirds), and attended from 1973 to 1981. When I was a pupil, I had joint passions for English and Music and my life has continued with those strong themes ever since – my inspirational EHS English and Music teachers gave me a love for their subjects that has lasted over 40 years.

I went on to study English Literature at Birmingham University before moving to the Education Department to train to be a teacher, gaining a PGCE to teach English and Music. I have taught in Key Stages 2-4 in the years since, having spent many years teaching English at the local Blue Coat School. It was there that I met my late husband and where our daughter started her education. Without knowing I was an Old Girl at EHS, Bethany chose EHS from all the local state and independent secondary schools on the basis that ‘it felt like home’ whenever she visited. Only after she accepted her place did I reveal that it had been my ‘home’ too.

She joined in Year 7 and remained at EHS throughout the rest of her school days, being fortunate enough to serve as Head Girl, 2016-17, in a wonderfully co-supportive leadership team. As a parent, I had nothing but praise for how EHS stretched her academically, but also provided the most extraordinary pastoral support when her father died in her second term at the school. Also watching her EHS friends’ different talents and qualities being discovered, nurtured, and extended was a privilege, and in that parental role, I came to appreciate the school in a very different way from when I was a pupil. I had loved studying here: it was a very different school in the 70’s, but I still felt its values prepared me to survive and thrive in the world as it has changed almost beyond recognition!

I was first asked to join the Old Girls committee when Bethany became a pupil, back in 2010, where I have very much enjoyed being part of a group that works hard to provide many opportunities for our alumni to make contact with one another. I was both delighted and honoured to accept the nomination for Chair last year and am thrilled to work in this role to develop the role of the OGA, both in the life of its members and the school’s current pupils.

With over 3,500 members, scattered all over the globe, and current pupils automatically becoming members, we have a thriving and ever-expanding community. As the 21st Century is now very much the ‘screen age’, we have plans to bring more of our communications into that genre and you will be seeing more changes in the coming months and years. We do want to update our database though and I encourage you to update us with changes of address and send a current email address when you change them!

We would also love to welcome you to any of our events so do keep an eye on your ‘Inbox’ and get in touch with your friends to come together – it’s always lovely to attend an event with a fellow ‘EHS girl’! We do hope to hear your news, but are also very keen to encourage our members to come back to speak to us, both at our OGA functions and to current girls. There is a huge wealth of inspiring stories out there that would provide both practical and inspirational guidance to us all. We have heard wonderful stories at Speech Days and at our Summer Supper events, so we would ask you to consider becoming one of those speakers at a future event and/or coming to talk to our current girls in school.

Now that GDPR regulations are in effect, we are not able to contact you unless you provide your details for us again. You may have already replied to our Spring  2018 mailing (by post) but if not and you would like to be part of the alumnae database then please submit your contact details and we will add you to our database. Email oldgirls@edgbastonhigh.co.uk

We have a dedicated Facebook page for Old Girls. Ensure that you 'like' us to keep up to date with news and events: OGA FACEBOOK PAGE

The School is a committed advocate of the OGA and supports us in all our endeavours, not least with mighty administrative support. If you have any queries regarding the OGA, I can be contacted via lucasl@edgbastonhigh.co.uk

As the school song echoes down through the ages, and is still sung heartily, ‘There is no school in all the land to rank with EHS, Sir.’ As Chair, it is an honour to serve our members – current and future.


Mrs Lindsay Lucas, née Farnath
OGA Chair