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Edgbaston High School for Girls

Old Girls' Association

Welcome to the Old Girls' Association's section of the website.

EHS has a thriving Old Girls' Association of which girls become a member when they leave School. With a membership of over 3,500 which extends through Europe, Canada, the US and Australia, the Association takes seriously its role of communicating with and serving the Old Girls by arranging reunions, opportunities to visit the School and organising prestigious events.

We have recently introduced a termly e-newsletter called 'Old Girls Reunited' to which you can sign up on this site. The newsletter gives alerts as to forthcoming events, requests for information and small doses of nostalgia!

Girls attending Edgbaston High are invited to become life members of the OGA by paying a small fee each academic year. Life Membership is then taken up when the pupil leaves at the end of Sixth Form. Ex-pupils of the School who left before this system of membership began or who elected not to participate in the scheme are warmly invited to join us. To become a member please contact the OGA at ku/oc/hgihnotsabgde//slrigdlo

Life Membership privileges include an annual magazine, a complimentary copy of the annual School Magazine and access to other Old Girls' contact details (if permission has been granted by the member). Many former members of staff are staunch supporters of the OGA and reunions are a wonderful opportunity to bring generations of EHS teachers and girls together.