Leadership Opportunities

Students are given every opportunity to develop personal, social and leadership skills through, for example:

  • the academic curriculum
  • the enrichment programme
  • the elected Leadership Team: Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls and Sixth Form Committee
  • roles as Games Captain or House Captain/Deputy House Captain
  • providing role models for the rest of the school, organising clubs and societies, peer mentoring
  • school visits/conferences either subject-based or involving extra-curricular activities
  • discussion groups, assemblies, sport, music, drama and a myriad other activities which build confidence and poise.

Service to the community

All Sixth Formers are expected to be involved in the life of the school and take an active part in the community.

Community Service is part of the timetabled Sixth Form course. Students may choose to help in local schools, hospices and residential homes for the elderly or to help within school. Helping with younger children in the Preparatory department or Westbourne is also included.