Ethos & Aims

EHS has created a learning environment in its Sixth Form based on key, often common-sense, and principles.

The ethos of our Sixth Form requires a partnership between School and student to achieve personal goals and the School wholeheartedly commits to:

  • Having high expectations which help to raise achievement and attainment across the whole curriculum
  • Encouraging students to develop confidence in their abilities - academic, social and creative
  • Developing characteristics to prepare students for life when they leave school - integrity, confidence, self assurance, care for others and the world around them, awareness and tolerance of others
  • Encouraging independent learning within a creative sixth form culture, allowing students to deepen and broaden their knowledge, improve their communication skills, problem solving skills, critical, speculative and creative thinking skills
  • Recognising that students learn in different ways and encouraging them to find their most effective and enjoyable ways of learning
  • Helping students to make the most of their strengths through the wide and varied opportunities available in the Sixth Form - leadership roles, committee responsibilities, enrichment and extra-curricular activities
  • Providing a balanced and appropriate curriculum which is reviewed annually. The tutorial and enrichment programme, covers a broad range of activities and discussions, allowing for presentations, the development of thinking skills and the opportunity to articulate views and opinions
  • Providing an environment conducive to study.
  • Ensuring tutors and subject staff encourage each individual to achieve her potential and to assume greater responsibility for themselves and others.