Dress Code

Sixth Form students at Edgbaston High School are inevitably role models to other pupils within the school.

The aim of the Sixth Form Dress Code is to ensure that students project a distinctive, smart and business-like image, reflecting their attitude to learning and the high standards of the School. 

Sixth Form Dress Code:

  • A suit of the student's own choice, dark in colour and conservative in style.
  • The suit may be skirt and jacket, trousers and jacket or dress and jacket, but both pieces must be of the same fabric and colour. Skirt or dress length must be a minimum of mid-thigh length.
  • Under the suit, the girls may wear a blouse, shirt or top of their own choosing but of a suitable style for a school environment. Low cut tops and strappy tops are not suitable school wear; shoulders must be covered.
  • Students are expected to wear sensible footwear in keeping with their suit. Tights must be worn in the Autumn and Spring terms.
  • Girls will be expected to wear jackets to and from school, to assembly and around the school.