Edgbaston High School prides itself on achieving extremely good examination results for all of our students in a very broad range of subjects, ranging from English Literature and Further Mathematics to Design and Technology, Textiles and Sociology. Each year girls go on to study at a variety of prestigious academic institutions and higher education courses. Each and every girl at EHS is valued for their individual talents and abilities and this is reflected in the varied destinations of our leavers.

One way of measuring the academic success of EHS is by looking at the ‘value-added’ our students achieve. Value-added is calculated by working out the differential between the grades which one would expect a student to obtain on the basis of his or her underlying ability and the grades that she actually obtains. EHS constantly reviews its value-added performance using data provided by the University of Durham’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring and our students regularly achieve one or two grades higher than their underlying ability suggests. 

At A-level, we use ALIS predictive data and at GCSE, MIDYIS. In the academic year 2018-19, EHS achieved very good value-added data both at A-level and GCSE and we are extremely proud that our value-added is well above the national average at both levels.

EHS pupils consistently achieve well above the expected standard compared to the national average for students of their ability.
Overall, value-added at GCSE level is extremely positive. In 2018-19, English Language, English Literature, Latin and Art & Design students achieved on average two grades higher than students in other institutions of the same ability. In other subjects including Food and Nutrition, Geography, PE and RS, students achieved on average one grade higher.

At A-level
During the last three years EHS students have achieved a 100% pass rate in all A-level subjects and all subjects have achieved good value-added with particularly impressive scores in Classical Civilisation, Design & Technology: Textiles, Religious Studies and Sociology. In these subjects all students achieved above the grade they were predicted.