Careers Education, Information and Guidance

Careers Education is an integral part of life at EHS, incorporated throughout the year groups as part of the PSHEE programme and continuing into the Sixth Form. We pride ourselves on the support and impartial careers advice that girls receive throughout their time at the school with careers interviews available throughout the academic year. In the Sixth Form, students have the opportunity to make use of the facilities in the careers room to investigate courses, universities and discuss their future plans. We have dedicated UCAS advisors to further enhance the girls' prospects of attending the university of their choice, providing structured and personalised guidance through the process of UCAS application.  

Our careers provision is available to all girls from Year 7 upwards and Careers Education forms an important element of the PSHEE programme in each year group. During lunchtimes and study periods all girls can access the resources in the Careers Room and have the opportunity to investigate university courses and discuss their future plans with the Head of Careers. Impartial careers advice is offered through 1:1 interviews which are available to girls throughout the academic year. There is a simple booking system and interviews can be requested by any girl, parent or teacher. We offer information on a full range of training and education options and career pathways to help the girls make informed choices about their future so that they can reach their full potential. We also have two dedicated UCAS advisors who work alongside the Head of Careers. This means that the girls have structured and personalised guidance throughout the UCAS process and beyond. 

Candidates are well prepared for entry to competitive courses. This includes preparation for aptitude and University entrance tests as well as mock interviews which are arranged for pupils who have interviews. These are arranged either with a member of the teaching staff, or someone with a particularly relevant background from outside school. All girls can expect to receive induction, advice, support and guidance on University and Higher Education entry as well as information regarding gap year opportunities. 

In-house support for pupils is combined with advice and guidance from independent and external sources. We have an extensive programme of external speakers online and coming into school as part of our popular EHS Careers Talks and our alumnae also happily give of their time to speak to current pupils about their experiences at University and in their careers.

Through the Old Girls' Association we can normally find a link in every field possible.

Practical Advice for Students

'Getting In' is a leading educational resource that is designed to give practical advice to students from GCSE through to A Level studies and beyond. This website is an invaluable resource for revision and higher educational advice.

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