Assessments, Exams & Reports

Regular assessment is viewed as a central and essential part of learning

We aim to develop each girl as fully as possible by encouraging her to achieve her best possible academic results; assessment is therefore used formatively to evalaute pupil progress. Teachers assess work regularly according to specific criteria which is explained to pupils and parents and during the course of the year may be based on pupil performance in tests, projects, independent research, coursework and homework.

Pupils in Years 7-10 take end of year examinations. Interim progress reports are issued at the end of Autumn and Spring term and a full report at the end of the academic year in July. Pupils receive support from School in respect of homework in the form of personal guidance, access to resources, organisational support and study skills advice. Parents are requested to monitor their daughter's homework and to note any concerns or queries in her planner. Our major aims in setting homework are:

  • To raise achievement
  • To increase motivation
  • To develop independent study skills
  • To encourage a strong partnership between parents and School