Top Tips from Girls in Year 7

Are you joining Year 7 in September? If so, we're looking forward to welcoming you as an EHS girl! In the meantime, read what some of our newest group of Year 7 girls have to say about life in Year 7 at the end of their busy first term with us:

What has been the highlight of Year 7 so far?
Martha: I loved the residential trip to Kingswood. I was a bit nervous about making friends and being lonely away from home but it was really enjoyable and it was good to get to know all my new classmates.
Olivia: I loved Kingswood, especially the Nightline activity where we got filthy with mud! It was so much fun.
Chloe: Meeting new friends has been my highlight, I’ve really met some interesting people.
Star: The Spelling Bee was great. I wasn’t expecting to like it that much but it was actually really exciting and my team enjoyed using delaying tactics and other strategies to try to win! 
Gracie: The Christmas Lunch for the whole of Senior School at the end of term was so much fun.
Monica: The end of term House Gala was chaotic but fun! I also really enjoyed watching the EHS talent show.

What is your favourite subject?
Norehan: I really enjoy Art lessons.
Naila: Food and Nutrition is my favourite because I like cooking.
Olivia: I like Maths lessons the best.
Star: I like PE, the lessons are varied and we get to try new activities all the time.
Manpreet: Me too. Sometimes in PE when you are younger it is a bit limited but we get to do new things here. 
Amira: My favourite subject is Food and Nutrition… because I like food! We have made allsorts over the last term - smoothies, chocolate truffles, scones, bread…
Martha: We made cheesy mash one day; that was good fun.
Chloe: I like Design & Technology Textiles as we get to learn new skills and try out the technical equipment. I also like all the different clubs we can try as there is something for everyone.
Gracie: My favourites are music and swimming. I attend the early morning swim in school and really enjoy it.
Martha: I love Art and English. At the moment we are doing Macbeth - we enjoyed reading out the passages during lessons and pretending to be witches.

What do you like about EHS?
Manpreet: I started in Year 5 in Prep and found EHS was just so different to my previous school, but I loved it from the start. The teachers are really encouraging and help you. 
Olivia: I have been here since Nursery and was really looking forward to staying on here. It was familiar but also different enough for me to still be excited about moving on to the next stage.
Monica: We get lots of homework but I like the fact that what we do is balanced. For example the school really values charitable giving and there is so much opportunity to be involved in life outside the classroom too.
Gracie: Yes, we do get lots of homework! But I like everything here! And the teachers are really nice and welcoming.
Martha: I was keen to come here as my elder sister was here already but I just had a great feeling at the open day - it felt warm, welcoming and supportive from the start. Now I’m here it really IS warm and supportive, and the teachers are always happy to explain things if you are stuck.
Star: I joined EHS in Year 1 and love it here. I especially like the food in Senior School! We get a good variety every day.
Amira: People here are just really nice.
Norehan: All the teachers are happy to help you, they care about how you are doing and your learning.
Chloe: Like many other girls, I didn’t know anyone else here and was the only one from my school, but from the beginning everyone was really friendly and I settled in well.
Naila: Everyone was really welcoming. And I loved Year 7 Induction Day…
Gracie: Me too!
Martha: Induction Day in the summer, before you join in September, is the best day!

What advice would you give to new girls joining EHS in September?
Manpreet: Don’t be scared, it’s not as scary as you think.
Gracie: Keep the school map on you at all times - that way you don’t ever need to worry about getting lost!
Monica: Don’t worry if you get stuck, just speak to the teachers; our teachers really are happy to help. Oh and don’t use the lift as it is only for Sixth Formers…! I found out the hard way!
Naila: Do your homework as it comes in and don’t just save it all up for one night.
Star: Don’t just stick with the people you know - make the effort to branch out and make new friends. Everyone is in the same position so take the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.
Martha: I was nervous about making new friends but everyone was really friendly. I would say to relax, smile at everyone, just be yourself and you'll be absolutely fine!