Message from the Head Girl

Hello, and welcome to Edgbaston High School. I am Naomi Okafor and I am the new Head Girl for 2020-2021.

I joined EHS in 2014, with Year 7 being my first year in the school; I have made so many fantastic memories and developed a real sense of community from the school. Despite being the only one moving to EHS from my primary school, I honestly found the transition to be very smooth. I made friends within the first week and settled in comfortably, and this was due mainly to the warm atmosphere EHS brings to girls and students alike.

When I look back at myself at the start of Year 7, I can most definitely say I have seen multiple changes in my overall character. EHS has taught me to be patient, humble and kind, and has also taught me to embrace my identity and to be proud of who I am.

Being a naturally confident person, I didn’t find it difficult to present or speak in front of large crowds, or even apply for a leadership role like Head Girl. However, EHS has provided me with many opportunities in school to develop these skills and confidence, Lamda, for example, has helped boost my technique in public speaking a great deal.

I love that EHS always challenges us to become the best versions of ourselves, and with such a strong support network between the students and the teachers this is much easier to do. We are encouraged to develop our character, and if we make mistakes this is never condemned, but instead we are taught to see that we can become stronger through learning from these mistakes.

I believe the school really strives to bring the best out of the students and it does so very naturally. As a pupil of EHS I can say that we all have resilience, confidence, a positive attitude and a determination to execute our goals to the highest standard we can.

I am planning to study Journalism next year in University and I believe I will be fully prepared to take on a course due to the amount of support, guidance and advice EHS has provided me with during the years I have been at the school.

Overall, EHS is an encouraging, supportive environment, where girls are allowed to thrive and grow, and I hope that you will visit the school to experience this compelling community for yourself.