Welcome from the Head of Year 7

Welcome to Edgbaston High School. Your first couple of weeks at EHS may seem both exciting and a little scary. Remember, everyone was at one time a new person entering the EHS community and so we all know what it feels like to have lots of questions and to be unfamiliar with your new surroundings. 

Please don’t worry -  although there will be lots of new people, nobody expects you to remember everything straight away.  You are bound to find things a little strange at first, but you will soon learn your way around, enjoy new lessons and make new friends.

You will find plenty of people on hand to help you settle in, including your Form Teacher and Head of Year.  If you have any questions or uncertainties, there will always be a friendly face available to offer advice. 

I hope that you will enjoy your time here at EHS and hope that, through your hard work and involvement, you will be able to contribute to the future success of the school.

Ms Jones-Owen
Head of Year 7