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On this page, we provide a range of links to other sites which we hope you will find useful:

The Girls' School Association (GSA)
The GSA is the professional association representing the Heads of leading independent girls' schools in the UK. Their mission is to inform and influence national educational debate, to raise awareness of the benefits of single-sex education for girls, to promote high standards of education for girls and to support members through the provision of a broad range of services.
Latest News from the GSA

KEC - Developing Excellent Teachers
Edgbaston High School is a proud member of the King Edward's Teaching Consortium - a well-established group of 23 excellent schools in the Birmingham area dedicated to recruiting and training high-flyers for a successful career in teaching.

All KEC trainees have placements in two contrasting schools and our central training programme includes speakers from and visits to many more.KEC trainees make a positive difference to the pupils they work with from the very start of the programme and our graduates are highly sought-after for employment once they qualify.

Schools Trader
In these challenging economic times we would like to remind you about 'Schools Trader'.Tens of thousands of families are using this well established free service to buy, sell and rent everything from musical instruments, text books and bikes, to boats, ski kit and holiday homes. Trade with other families. Completely free.

Schools Trader has featured across the media and as a Sunday Times Top 10 website.