Inspection Report

We were delighted with the findings of the November 2015 Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Report.

Read the full report here

In summary, the headlines are as follows:

The quality of pupils' achievement and learning

  • In the EYFS, children of all abilities and needs are active learners and make excellent progress in relation to their starting points
  • In the Prep and Senior departments pupils' attitudes to learning are outstanding, supported by a broad and balanced curriculum, leading to pupils' excellent progress
  • Achievement in a wide variety of sporting, performance and creative extracurricular activities is excellent, and often outstanding

The quality of pastoral care

  • Pupils in all year groups have an excellent standard of personal development and this is strongly supported by excellent pastoral care
  • Pupils show a well-developed sense of right and wrong and a deep social awareness
  • Relationships amongst pupils and between teacher and pupil are a real strength of the school, ensuring an excellent level of communication which supports and encourages every pupil

The quality of governance, leadership and management

  • The governing council know the school well across all year groups, and effectively contribute to the support and monitoring of its work
  • Communication with parents and arrangements for reporting pupils' progress are strong
  • Excellent and highly effective leadership and management are supported by frequent reflective and informed anlaysis

Read a full copy of the 2015 report.