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Year 6 Gaze at Stars in the Dome of Discovery

16 January 2015

On Thursday this week, girls in Year 6 were transported inside a giant stargazing planetarium. There they viewed many constellations and bright stars. The girls were also shown detailed views of the planets of our solar system and looked in greater detail at the rings and moons of these planets.

An exciting film especially designed for viewing inside the dome gave a unique insight into the efforts made to find life on the distant planets, otherwise known as the exoplanets. The experience was part of our celebration of Stargazing Week and also links well with the work the girls have studied in Science including forces, micro-organisms and our earth and the solar system.

The girls also had the opportunity to ask Mario, astronomy specialist, any questions they had about the subject.Our workshop leader was very impressed by the enthusiasm and interest shown by the girls. The experience was again thoroughly enjoyed by all and no doubt will lead to further questions from the girls!

Miss Samson, Prep Science Co-ordinator

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