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Year 5 Sample Victorian Life

24 March 2016

Mist shrouded EHS as Year 5 arrived at school last Wednesday. Fortunately, our arrival at Ironbridge was greeted by glorious sunshine. We ventured out of the coach and headed to our first destination: stepping onto the magnificent Iron Bridge we followed in the footsteps of millions of tourists who, since 1779, have journeyed to marvel at the world’s first cast-iron bridge.

Travelling on, we arrived at Blists Hill Victorian Town where we experienced life as it was over 100 years ago through the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Taking a look inside Victorian cottages and buildings, we discovered what life was like for everyday Victorians and were able to witness traditional skills in action at the printers, candle makers and decorative plasterers. A thrilling experience was had in the Clay Mine where we discovered the dangers of ‘Black Damp’. The highlight of the day was surely the chance to spend our shillings and pence in the shops!

Back at school the Victorian experience continued on Friday. We all dressed in Victorian costume and found out what it would be like to be at a Victorian school. Our teachers today are not as strict, thank goodness and writing is easier.

We also had the opportunity to perform in a Victorian melodrama which we all enjoyed.

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