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The Rainforest Roadshow comes to School

29 January 2016

Last Friday, Year 4 experienced the annual Rainforest Roadshow which was as enjoyable and informative as ever. 

In the morning, the girls learnt all about some of the animals and insects that live in the rainforest. They found out about the slowest mammal, the largest eagle, the longest snake in the Amazon basin and the biggest spider in the world. They met Samantha, a tarantula and other live creatures which they were able to observe up-close.  They enjoyed finding out about the people who live in the rainforest and, as usual, Dave Shaw skilfully showed the girls how a blowpipe is used to hunt animals.

In the afternoon, the girls made some tribal jewellery and had their faces painted in tribal designs as well as producing some artistic sketches of different artefacts.  Taking place at the beginning of our new topic, the day has fired the girls with enthusiasm.

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