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16 October 2015

We began this week with a celebration of the achievements of many girls. There were our 'Well Done' certificates for Years 1 and 2 and individual awards for swimmers, runners and readers. We also acknowledged the very pleasing results of the 90 girls who had taken LAMDA assessments last term. Our Year 5 netball team received certificates for taking part in their first tournament at Solihull following a report of the matches read by Arriella Randall.


The Autumn sunshine has seen many girls out and about extending their classroom studies. Year 1 girls have been along Westbourne Road to identify examples of street furniture for Geography whilst Year 5 visited the allotment to inspire some creative writing. They were asked to imagine they were Borrowers living in the allotment. They had to use their senses to think about what they could see, what they could smell, what they may use as furniture around the home and the threats they might live with. They then composed a creative paragraph about their setting.



Year 2 girls also used their sense of smell in their Science lesson experiments. The children were blindfolded and asked to smell various different things and predict what they were. The children smelt things like chocolate, oranges, washing up liquid, polo mints, jam and bananas. The children really enjoyed predicting what they were smelling, however, they did not enjoy the scent of the vinegar!

In Westbourne, the staff are always keen to give the girls experiences of the world around them. This might be exploring the school grounds, building dens or delving into the pulp of a pumpkin. Reception enjoyed working in groups to create shelters from various items whilst the colour orange has been the focus for our youngest pupils.


The second Year 6 class enjoyed their opportunity to learn how to play the handbells this week. Once again the girls managed to perform three pieces of music and became very proficient by the end of the session. Our thanks to Mrs Vaughan.


The Octagon was the setting for the Year 2 girls to find out about life in 1666, at the time of the Fire of London. You can find out more about their experience in the separate story.

During this week when we have enjoyed meeting parents to discuss their daughters' progress the girls have been busy trying to identify the authors in the Book Shop Challenge designed by Milly and Jaya, our Book Shop monitors. They have certainly challenged us all and some extra research has been needed to try to match the authors to their photographs. Parents are welcome to pop in to Prep Hall to test their literary knowledge!


Next week, which sees the last of this half term, will end on Wednesday with Pink Day in aid of Breast Cancer Care. Girls are encouraged to come to school dressed in as much pink as they can and bring their £1 donation. We hope this will end the half term in a rosy glow!

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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