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Prep Girls Perform Olivia!

12 July 2013

During the last term of Year 6, the girls work together under the direction of Miss Robinson and Mrs Howell to produce a musical. This year the chosen production was 'Olivia', not known to many people but loosely based on the story of Oliver Twist.

It certainly had a twist as the main character was a girl, Olivia, portrayed well by Tara Desai. In her quest to find happiness she met a number of well-known Victorian characters before finally being reunited with her 'own dear mother'.

The characters that Olivia met included Eliza Doolittle, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, George Bernard Shaw, the Artful Dodger and Fagin. She also encountered Londoners, theatre goers, flower sellers, orphans and several quite fierce teachers!

The story had a happy ending and the audiences were thoroughly entertained by the excellent performances from all of the cast members. The girls will definitely have happy memories of this collaborative project.


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