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Santa makes a surprise visit

15 December 2016

On Tuesday, there was a treat in store for our Pre-Prep School pupils when Santa made a surprise visit with his reindeer to Westbourne.

Younger brothers and sisters were able to join in the fun when they were the first to visit our special visitors. They said hello to the reindeer and then wandered through the winter wonderland walk to visit Santa in his grotto.  Next was a delicious cup of hot chocolate before leaving.

Not to be left out all girls from Nursery, Kindergarten, Reception and Year 1 then took turns to visit.  The girls were fascinated by the animals and many asked where Santa had left his sleigh.  They were able to learn much information during the sessions and extended their knowledge of the world around them.

They also enjoyed seeing Santa and showed excellent manners when receiving their gift from him.

What a lovely morning!

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