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EHS Musician of the Year Awards

17 March 2017

Last Thursday 9th March saw the final of the Prep and Senior Musician of the Year competition. The event was held in the Octagon with adjudicators Claire Dunham, Pianist for the National Children’s Choir, and Ciarán O’Donnell, Head of Birmingham Music Service. 

The final consisted of students from all year groups playing solo and ensemble pieces of music of their own choice, the finalists had been chosen from a long series of preliminary rounds held in January and February.  As usual with this competition, there were many auditions held across all key stages and the finalists were selected to represent their year groups in the final.  The students performed with great confidence and musicianship in front of a large audience of parents, guests, friends and teachers. 

Both adjudicators congratulated the girls on the extremely high level of ability shown in this concert and selected the following winners from each category.

Year 3:  Grace Edwards-Smith

Year 4:  Sophia Islam-Choudhury & Claudia Jardine

Year 5:  Rebecca Bazlov

Year 6: Sophie Zhu

Year 7:  Georgina Day

Year 8:  Caitlin Kisumba

Year 9:  Lucie Carey

Key Stage 4:  Eryna Kisumba

Key Stage 5:  Charley Johnson

Ensemble Winners:  Bethany Lucas, Rosemary Howl and Eleanor Harper

Overall Prep Musician of the Year 2017:  Rebecca Bazlov

Overall Senior Musician of the Year 2017:  Caitlin Kisumba

Congratulations to all the finalists and especially to those who won their categories!

Mr Robson
Director of Music




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